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take care of your own health

In medical practice, I learned that a healthy body is tough and resilient enough to regulate emerging diseases and to cope with them in most cases. Taking care of your own health begins with self-love and thus nourishes your body-mind system with the purest and most natural essences.

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a great business opportunity

It is very satisfying to make a living and get financial freedom by helping other people in their pursuit of wellbeing and health, sharing knowledge, sharing experiences and doing so as part of a dynamic developing community. What is your next step to take on this entrepreneurial challenge?

Discover my journey

take care of your health

by treating your body-mind system with the purest and natural essences

Maybe you are already using essential oils or you are new to the field. Either way, the experience of the purity, strength and sensuality of the essential oils from doTERRA will blow your mind. At least that's what happened to me in 2017 when I took part in an AromaTouch day with Adheesh Piel I felt energized, relaxed, clear and upright at the same time.

Every oil has an effect on our limbic system, the place in the human brain where all emotions are processed. For example, citrus oils are generally mood-enhancing, wood essences are grounding, others are soothing. Some oils are beneficial for the relief of muscle or general pain (such as Deep Blue, Helichrysum, Copaiba), others support our immune system (such as On Guard, Oregano, Melaleuca, Clove) or we have oils that act on the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular system and even on brain cells.

When used correctly, doTERRA oils have no side effects.

I would be happy to advise you on how to experience the greatest possible benefit of doTERRA products and how to obtain them.
If you do not already know which oils you would like to obtain, then discover the most suitable starter package for you.


What is an essential oil?

Nature in its purest form, in a small bottle which awakens my senses and strengthens my physical and emotional health every day.

How to use essential oils safely?

In addition to the guidelines in this video, I use essential oils in connection with my intuition, especially for my current needs.

Why choosing doTerra?

Trusting the purity of the product is essential for me, and belief in the integrity of the company has become a key factor in the daily use of the oils.

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some cool facts about doTERRA essential oils


Frankincence oil



molecules for every single body cell


Peppermint oil


cups of organic peppermint tea


clove oil


kg carrots

building a thriving business


In the almost 30 years that I have worked as a business and life coach, I could never imagine ever working with a multi-level marketing company. When I started to use the doTERRA products for myself and use them in workshops and meetings in 2017, I immediately felt the deep impact on body, mind and soul. My customers, whom I brought into contact with the oils, felt a similar effect. The smell / frequency of an oil alone changed the entire energy field and the participants went straight from the head to the heart - and believe it or not, solutions were found that were previously unthinkable.

I believe it is human nature to live in happiness and abundance. It is my greatest passion to release the potential and self-confidence in people so that you act accordingly.

doTERRA was founded in 2009, is owner-managed and, with sales of up to 2 billion in 2018, has developed into the world's largest essential oils company. The company is debt free. Knowing these facts and getting to know the founders / owners personally has strengthened my trust in doTERRA and the decision to enter into a partnership.

Which success story would you like to tell about your doTERRA adventure?

I look forward to discussing this with you and welcoming you to my team.


Co-Impact Sourcing

Fair and benevolent dealings with suppliers is a rare quality in the business world. doTERRA sets new standards.

Healing Hands Foundation

A great way to make positive changes in the lives of those who are less privileged.

Compensation Plan

Learn how to make money from the very first moment and how you can create financial freedom over time.

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