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Are you at a turning point in your life?

Do you feel that there is a bigger potential inside to explore?

Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

What would be possible if everybody involved is taking 100% responsiblility?

To create something new and reach new shores, we need to step out of our comfort zone and leave our familiar box.

The New is always unknown and therefore an adventurous journey. It needs courage, perseverance and the willingness to face pleasant and unpleasant challenges along the way.

You don`t have to do that alone!

We at Essence In Process are happy to coach, accompany and support your personal development processes and those of your company.

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Coaching empowers you to open up for unknown territories of thinking and discovering new ways of doing things. Coaching is an essential part of the support for different phases of change and and major change processes.


Training offers you the environment to develop coaching competences and expert knowledge in the field of change management. Training not only strengthens your confidence and trust in the success of future projects, but also that of your organisation.


Facilitation is the art of setting up and directing processes to create an atmosphere of success, so that a variety of efforts can be used and integrated in a meaningful way.

We coach and consult companies and managers in their efforts to design workplaces, so that there is an atmosphere of cooperation and top performance and each individual fully exploits his or her potential.

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For individuals and companies, the coach serves as a partner for reflection and clarity as well as a door opener for new thinking and new opportunities.


Being present in the here and now is a prerequisite for working with the actual facts and liberating ourselves mentally and emotionally from the narrative of the past.


Real strength is particularly evident in times of uncertainty. With her we have flexibility and courage to deal with unknown or difficult situations.


Compassion arises with an understanding of the agent's intention and the ability to examine the situation without any prejudice. Relationships become supportive and stress naturally decreases.


Become the best version of yourself by emphasizing your unique qualities. Use your creative power to bring about the change you long for in your personal and professional life.


Take Action according to your conscious understanding - NOW. The results are direct feedback on where you are in your process and what the next steps are.

Personal Development

There are many ways in which we can work together. Let's find yours!

When you are in a state of essence, you feel in the right place and in touch with yourself. Being rooted in your own essence is associated with a deep feeling of contentment and serenity. This results in natural strength, courage, enthusiasm and the perseverance to act independently and to create the life you long for. Most people strive for happiness, success and a state of meaningfullness - for this we are ready to perform a lot. However, in this way we almost see it as an obligation to meet a wide range of expectations and demands from all sides. The result is often that we lose contact with our being and feel a sense of alienation. Working with us will empower you to trust your own truth, believe in yourself, and live your life in connection with your essence.

Sometimes we just need support with one topic and it can be dealt with in one session. At other times we are at a cross road and need to consider a variety of options or we are not even aware of all the possibilities in front of us. Either way it is a good idea to fully dive into your own essence before taking a decision. This situation a customized Coaching Process is most appropriate.

The moment people come together for whatever reason, relational dynamics start to unfold. Sometimes these dynamics become so strong or overwhelming that the focus on the common interest fades or gets completely lost. Relational dynamics can only undergo real change when all parties are involved. Pair/Group Coaching sessions can be conducted with up to 8 people.

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How can companies not only be challenging and demanding, but also inspiring and meaningful?

What motivates people to achieve top performances and remain loyal to the company?

How can companies be shaped in rapidly changing conditions and markets?

Which questions should to be asked and what actions should be promoted to remain sustainable?

We are here to help you find the best solution for your organization

Our range of services includes development and implementation of leadership programs. We also facilitate and co-develop business plans, strategy development and culture change processes within the company.

Leadership is first and foremost a creative process. It is often forgotten that even the best idea, the most complete plan or the cleverest strategy can only be implemented and lead to the desired results if the players are not only involved but also won over by the project. Winning the other person over is fundamentally different from convincing the other person. If we win another person over, then this person will stand up for the project with all her/his abilities and skills - she/he will stand up for the project with mind, heart and guts, although the outcome or success is not yet foreseeable. Leaders know about the importance of winning others over and the importance of targeted and appropriate communication.

Leadership is a discipline that transcends the scope of one's activities. People who identify themselves as leaders have the willingness to shape things and feel responsible for the whole. It is no longer just a matter of meeting one's own numbers and results, but rather the constant urge to take a 360degree perspective, acknowledging the interdependencies in the company as well as the markets.

Do you want to build or strengthen a leadership culture within your organization that strives towards the mentioned competences, then let`s talk about how we can support you.

Working in teams and team development have become an integral part of today's business. Due to an ever increasing complexity in almost all work areas, the sense and relevance of goal sharing becomes increasingly obvious. To the same extent that companies feel compelled to share tasks and responsibilities, the need for communication and collaboration increases. Paradoxically relationships are becoming more important than ever and it requires a high degree of inner willingness to acquire the ability to endure uncertainty.

Essence in Process supports you in developing your team in such a way that you can use upcoming friction as additional energy to achieve your goals. We specialize in integrating all the divergent forces of a team, and also in crystallizing and making the hidden qualities and abilities of your team and individual team members available.

The meaning of an organization is to provide an adequate framework so that the workflow is efficient and highly productive. Today`s businesses need to reflect and modify their operational processes continuously according to changing circumstances.

Over the years working with different companies from small businesses to multinational enterprises I noticed that organizations have a rhythm that works for a while before they find themselves in some friction or get stuck. The flow is gone and the business is stagnating or has an exponential growth that seems overwhelming. Exponential growth asks for a high level of organizational and personal agility. Stagnation is a clear indicator that one or more aspects of the following need an in depth investigation:

  • the effectiveness of operational processes,
  • the level of insecurity among employees and/or owners,
  • the need for redesigning the business model,
  • lack of competences in the company.
  • The key to moving forward and reaching the next level of excellence is not only fulfilling customers requests but also ensuring organizational alignment in terms of goals, values and purpose. Based on a systemic approach our customized programs start with diagnosis of the current situation and making sure that all stakeholders are on board to participate in the redesigning of the company. Then in a collaborative style we conduct different formats of workshops and labs, so that the Organizational Change is both designed and driven by all stakeholders together.

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