Dirk Appel

My work is devoted to
the development of human consciousness
and the implementation of new behaviour
into daily action.

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After studying economic science, psychology and being a practitioner of alternative medicine, I have been following my passion to work with and support people for more than 30 years. I help people to realize their true potential and understand the systems they are embedded.
It took me a while to develop an understanding that real growth goes hand in hand with love and kindness.
Perceiving myself as part of nature and using natural solutions, such as essential oils in my daily life, opens me and my senses more than ever.

I look forward to sharing my experiences
and offerings with you.

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The New is always unknown and therefore an adventurous journey to be undertaken. You do not have to be alone in this!
I am the partner who supports and challenges you on the way.

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Rooted in my own experience of healing, I believe that everyone has everything in them to deal with upcoming mental or physical problems.

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Natural Solutions

A great way of taking care of your own health and build a thriving business with doTERRA products

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Mountain retreats

Rental of luxury apartments and uniquely designed programs such as coaching, Garmisch healing days, and guided climbing and ski tours.


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