The only thing that heals is Love


Heilpraktiker since 1995

Therapeutic Approach

Rooted in my own experience of healing, I believe that everyone has everything to deal with upcoming mental or physical issues.

Our work together is to connect you with your inner wisdom and natural self-healing abilities. Whatever kind of healing is needed, it usually comes when our body, mind and soul feel deeply unified. This unity creates benevolence, love and basic trust.

Treatment Focus

  • Freedom and Intimacy
  • Conflicts between Couples
  • Conflict Solution for Couples
  • Sexuality
  • Desire to have Children
  • Psychosomatic disorderse
  • Work with trauma
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress Syndrome
  • Burnout
  • Learning disabilities
  • Emotional Qverload
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune reactions
  • Pain therapy


The human body-mind system stores problems in a certain structure. Mobilizing our unconscious resources and changing the way we think, speak and feel about ourselves is essential to create the space for necessary healing.

Couple and Family Theraphy

The relation and interaction with a loved one or family members can bring out the best in us and reveal the deepest abyss in us. It is necessary to accept the unchangeable facts and to find ways to change the circumstances that we can influence.


One can only approach the soul with extreme care and kindness. The soul does not need therapy, but a non-judgmental space in which the awareness can arise that we are defined by something much larger than our personal problems.

Are you ready to start your healing process?

I am here to support you.